Mobile Truck

This second generation mobile kitchen is wholly operating through the electrical power supply from the Excellent Silent Generator.

This generation of mobile kitchen would fully encourage the environmental protection, so for this reason Pin Si Kitchen has specially imported the high-technology Combi Oven to replace the cooking equipment that has been using the gas. There are a wide variety of applications of Combi Oven, such as to poach, roast, steam, bake, broil and to reheat foods.

Besides Combi Oven, our mobile kitchen is also equipped with a variety of kitchen equipment, such as frying stove, low stock pot stove, washing basin, air ejector fan and so on. In order to avoid the pollution that caused by the wastewater, we have also installed the Waste Water Storage Tank to store the wastewater so that all wastewater could be taken back to our factory for proper handling of disposal.

In 2017, our third generation mobile kitchen comes in a smaller dimension with advance functions so that we can cater to different market segment.