Testimonials @ SAFRA Yishun


I just held my girls’ 1st and 3rd birthday party at Pinsi (Yishun Safra) yesterday. I am writing in to commend on the catering team at PINSI @ Yishun Safra for their great service.

The staff were very helpful. Be it extra chairs, baby chairs, cutlery for kids, AV issues, directional signs, they were positive and tried to resolve problems in their best effort.

One dish did not made it but they made replacements at the last minute and we are very happy with their service recovery. Our guests also gave great feedback on the quality of your dishes.

We look forward to doing other events with PINSI!

23rd October 2016

I had a memorable and enjoyable wedding night at the Pin Si restaurant at Yishun Safra. I would love to compliment Peggy Koh. She’s very helpful and approachable. She’s able to solve all the problems I have when planning the dinner. The food is great and also deeply appreciate for all the help from the staffs. A very big thank you to all!

Max & Samantha
3rd September 2016

Dear Peggy,

I would like to take this opportunity to special thanks to Ms Peggy and Mr Wayne and your team for the wonderful night that you guys have done for our wedding day on 14 May 2016, Saturday. The extra time and effort that you guys have put in were certainly worthwhile and we were appreciated about it.
Secondly, we are delighted to share with you that our guest have given us positive feedback regarding about the food on that night. Thank you for your excellent service.
Lastly, it is a joy for us to have our big day at your restaurant. A big THANK YOU to Mr Wayne for assisting us and taking good care of everything.

Best Regards,
Joseph and Jocelyn

Dear Sir/ Madam,

On behalf of eLC Pte Ltd, we would like to thank Pin Si and team (especially Manager Cecilia) for the great dinner and evening that we had with our foreign guests on Mon 6th June 2016.

The foods that Chef prepared was so splendidly delicious…. Two thumbs up to the chef and your service staffs were conscientious and attentive to our needs.

I am sure all those who were there will agreed with me that we will be back soon.

Benedict Lee

Dear Pin Si management (Peggy & Wayne)

It was a fantastic evening for both of us, serviced by the dedicated crew at Pin Si Restaurant! Special mention to Wayne, who was extremely attentive to us and provided top-notch service for the occasion (timing to the lyrics of the march in song was super in-sync!)! Staff was thoughtful and served warm water for the bride when she was busy with the wedding preparation.

Decoration for our solemnisation table and reception table was great! Wayne was also very helpful in the coordination of a keyboard and saxophone surprise performance done by the bride for the groom.

We are really impressed by Pin Si and they have provided a good service. We highly recommend them :)

Hiang Tat

Hi Peggy,

Hosted my Wedding dinner at Pin Si, Yishun Safra. Only one word to describe the whole event. FANTASTIC!! The food was excellent, no complains from my guest. Everyone gave a thumbs up for your food and service. Also I would like to Thanks Wye for his excellent coordination for the wedding dinner.

Greatly Appreciate your team and all the Services provided !!

Ryan & Juliet
7th May 2016

Hi Peggy,

I appreciated all the help and support from you.
It was an excellent planning, services & management after all. The foods are well cooked and tasty, I would said.
We surely had a fantastic and memorable dinner with Pinsi @ Safra. We wish to see you soon!!

Thanks & Regards
Roy Ho

Dear Peggy,

Thank you and your team for the effort you all put in to support our event yesterday.
Really appreciate all the service!
Hope to see you again. =)

Best Regards,

Rachel Tan
Kimly-Shimizu Joint Venture
1 April 2016


Good Morning Peggy,

this is Rain from Leong Guan.
We have our Annual Dinner & Dance at Pinsi restaurant (Yishun Safra) on 27/2/2016.

During our event there, our Management were very satisfied with the level of service you and your staff has provided to us on that day. Not only that, the food serves was up to our expectation. Thumbs up!

Especially, I would also like to praise you, Ms Peggy, for your flexibility in terms of adjustment on the menus and other necessary arrangement requested by us. All of which has indeed contribute to our success that night.

We really thank you so much and will look forward to the next event at your area.

Hi Peggy,

Thk for helping us with the wedding dinner, all my guest are very happy with the foods and the service by your staffs.although we have some misunderstanding & communication but all the things turn out to be fine& smooth.
Thank you very much!!!

Best regards,
Seng & Ling

Dear Pinsi,

The service by Pinsi team was impeccable and professional during my wedding banquet, beyond the standards of luxury hotels. The ambience, décors and settings are fantastic. All details are met, executed meticulously and perfectly, and even went extra miles to meet my requests.

All my guests enjoyed the food very much and compliments the good taste and portion! Many guests feedback to us ” This is what I called a real wedding banquet! ” and many even asked for Pinsi’s contact because they want to hold their wedding there after attending my wedding banquet.

I want to thank, especially to : Mr Oh Cheng San, Cecilia, Wayne, Xiao Cui and every crews and chefs of Pinsi.

A Big Thank You! You guys are truly amazing!

Best Regards,
Simon & Jerlyn

Dear Pinsi,

I’ve held a wedding dinner at your restaurant on 25dec2015.
I am very satisfy throughout the whole duration. The decoration overall arrange according nicely to my choices . The food is good also.
Lastly,i wanted to feedback about two managers.
One of the manager name is Peggy. She is very helpful and thoughtful plus her responses is fast.
Another manager i can’t get his name right but i know he call “winz”(if not wrong). He is very patient throughout the whole duration guiding me through the wedding plus he is very polite.

I will highly recommend.

Thanks & regards
Selena & Wen Yeong

Dear Sir/ Mdm,

I wish to express my heartfelt appreciation to your wonderful in charge, Peggy and service team at Pinsi Yishun Safra. My dining experience with Pinsi has always been pleasant. Not only do your staff recognize their regular patrons, service is excellent with staff always friendly and attentive to our needs. Not forgetting the foods which has never failed our expectations.

Special thanks to Peggy and team for taking good care of us just last week where we had our family dinner there. Thank you for going the extra mile. My family had an awesome meal, great service on top of quality foods.

What’s a pleasant meal without a the service? :)

Best Regards,
Tracy Lau

Hi Peggy,

We wish to express our thanks for the level of service provided by your staffs for our son’s 1st birthday celebration yesterday. They are proactive and quick to replenish the clean utensils, drink etc. Without having us asking, they have also offered to play some background music and birthday songs. This is especially nice as we did not prepare them ourselves. We are impressed.

The food are also good. We received good comments from our guests. They particularly liked the cereal prawns and e-mian except for the breaded fish which they commented that it is a bit bland. Overall, my wife and I are very satisfied with the level of service and food. We will definitely consider Pinsi for our next event in the future and will recommend it to to our friends and relatives who wish to organize one.

Thank you very much.

Best Regards,
Hong Wee

Firstly, big thanks to all the staff who helped out during our wedding. We appreciate that the staff, especially Wayne, was so patient. We made a lot of last minute changes but they could handle it all! Also, during the wedding, we had a tiny incident but the staff on duty were quick to react. They not only helped out, but they also constantly asked if we were okay after that incident. It was indeed heartwarming. The rest of the service crew was also very efficient. They constantly refilled our guests’ drinks and changed their plates.

The only thing that is a little wasted was that the food could have been better. The pomelo in out dessert was a bit bitter, and some of the dishes were quite salty. But overall, our guests and us had a great night. So thank you so much!

Fann & Steven

To the Person-in-Charge,

Just ended my wedding with PinSi on Nov 1st 2015, my wedding banquet coordinator is Peggy, had a very pleasant service with her, really blessed to have her as my coordinator. She really did a great job!!! Her service really very awesome, and nv once gave me any attitude when I keep change my floor plan etc. Peggy really did a great job that day!!! As for my emcee(not sure what name) she also did a great job too.The food that day was awesome too, really happy that I chose PinSi for my Big Day. My guest all mention that the food was really nice,everything goes well on that day too. Will really recommend PinSi to my friends and relative if they ever want a restaurant for their wedding :)

Jasmine (8717 8223)

Dear Peggy,

Thanks for all the help rendered before the big day. You made yourself available via whatsapp and it was easy for communication. Especially when you know to-be newly weds, we don’t think of all things at one go. We always think bits and pieces here and there and by whatsapp, it made updating you with our motion and our thoughts so much easier.

And for the last minute dinner tasting, we are so thankful that you were so accomodative to our constant changing plans. Moreover, you were very receptive to the comments we had, like fork and knife for the abalone and the changing of the plates and bowls.

Also, thank you for making time 2 days before the wedding day for us to come down and make last minute preparation. We are very impressed that you were able to top up the sweets into the wedding favor boxes, making that a hit for the actual day itself.

Moreover, on the wedding day itself, thanks for going through the wedding montage with us one more time. That extra move made us found out that the video was not working well early and that we could deal with it before showcasing it out to the guests.

There were some feedback which were given by guests on that day itself. They told us that you were short-staffed and thus, some tables did not have their tables’ drinks refilled fast and efficient enough. The chicken was also slightly to the salted side a little.

But overall, Jason and I felt that the assistance and support you and your crew rendered was very heartwarming and we felt we were in good hands when we dealt with them.

Thanks once again for the assistance :)

Kudos to your staff and you!

Best Regards,
Sylvia Kim

I recently held my girl’s 1st year birthday party at Pin Si, Safra Yishun. As a host, nothing beats having your guest commending on the quality of food and service by the staff. For this, I have to give it to Peggy and her team.

From the first discussion, Peggy has been more than efficient and forthcoming on our plans, considerations and ideas. She tries to accommodate us to the best of her abilities. She understands our needs and is not pushy.

Needless to say, the quality of food is of a high standard. I took her recommendation on the curry chicken and jackpot, that was the guests favourite among the others. Her service crews were helpful and efficient, rendering help when needed and took initiative in their service.

A week on, the hype of the party has not died down. I am still not over how well the party and this all cannot be done without Peggy and her team.

A B-I-G Thank You, Peggy and team!!

Yours sincerely,
Michelle, mother of Kayla.

Good day,

My wife and I held our big event at Pin si (Yishun Sfara) on 4th Oct 2015. Planning for the event started as early as July 2014. We were referred by family friends who had held weddings at the same venue previously.

The planning phase was definitely a rough process and the constant changes did not help to relief the anxiety that me and my wife had. Firstly, problems arose from the food tasting sessions whereby parents from both sides were eagerly concerned about the quality of the food served. To be honest, the quality of food served during the food tasting was below our expectations. Probably this was due to the good comments we received from previous wedding experiences. What made it worst was the plating was even being commented by parents, requesting the first dish to be plated in a round plate instead of a rectangular one. Although it may seemed absurd, but after all, the intent was for all guest to have a pleasant experience for our big day.

Besides the issues from food, other problems kicked in as the day draws nearer. There were concerns about the projector and lightings of the restaurant not being able to produce the effect desired for the event. However, all things were solved when we tested out our final products days before the event.

Throughout the roller coaster ride of planning and changing, I would like to commend Peggy for always being available for our constant questioning. Not only that she made all efforts to accede to our requests, but also went the extra mile to constantly reminding us of the important things that we should look out for during the event. The suggestions and recommendations she made were definitely a game changer.

As we arrive at the restaurant on that day, Peggy gave unwavering support to my friends and us. Helping out in coordinating the AV setup and also ensuring that all moving parts to fit seamlessly during the event.

Of course, the dinner went on smoothly as we expected it to be. At the end of the dinner, as we send our guests off, we were glad to receive positive feedbacks that the food was great. The commends I received on the food was uncountable. I do not know what magic did the kitchen performed that day, but every dish on every single table was so good that the guest actually wanted to request for take aways. Even till today, almost a week after the wedding, my friends and colleagues would come up to me and say they missed the freshness of the fish they had on my wedding.

What I wrote was just part of the positive experiences that we had during the whole event. Of course, there were a lot of other instances that were definitely commendable. I would like to thank Peggy again, and her team of staff, from the floor to the kitchen, for making our wedding a success and definitely a memorable one.

Mr and Mrs Steven Leow

Dear Peggy & Pin Si team,

Meant to write to you all earlier, but have been flying high since the party, and haven’t come down long enough to do something as mundane as sending an email!

I can’t thank you and your team enough for everything you did to make Zachary’s party so wonderful. Absolutely everything was done to perfection and I keep hearing raves and raves from my guests. It truly was a great party he will never forget, nor will I. The food was unbelievably delicious, the service was attentive and terrific. Thank you for making the effort to top up the buffet dishes whenever necessary rather than all in one time. By doing so, the food quality is good!
Peggy you were terrific to work with, so very patient and kind to an anxious Mom with plenty of suggestions as to have the kind of party we wanted. And you succeeded. It was exactly the party I’d hoped for. It was elegant and tasteful as well as beautiful and warm. I’ve received calls all week telling me how beautiful the affair was and how great the food was.
So thank you for all that, for being absolutely true to your word about all the details and for making what I feared would be an agonizing process onto an exciting, creative, fun one. It doesn’t seem enough to say thank you. You and your team made a wonderful milestone even more special, and helped create wonderful memories for our family. A very big hats off to your professional, talented and congenial st


This is Mei Lin here, we held our Wedding Banquet at Pin Si on 28 June 15. So sorry for the delay in giving our feedback. We had gathered some feedback from our guests. They feedback that the food is delicious, and the portion was more than enough for everyone, all of them had a heavy dinner that night, hahah. Some of them even packed the leftover food home, all of our guests praise the food was nice and good. The services provided was also good, no one complain of the service and food.

Me and Chun Kit also would like to thank your team for your professional service. We were quite surprised that Pin Si upgraded our abalone grade and did not charge us extra in our final bill, Pin Si also did not charge us service charge for our Banquet. We are very pleased and happy with the overall service and food of Pin Si.

We would also like to thank Peggy, the Sales Manager for your professional service and advice that you had given us, and also for your understanding and accommodation to meet our last minute change to our wedding dates. I remember one incident, on the eve of our wedding, where we could not play our childhood montage at Pin Si, upon knowing our busy schedule, you actually offered to go all the way down to my friend’s place to pick up another copy of the DVD, to ensure that the montage can be played successfully at our Banquet, thank you Peggy for going the extra mile for us. We had a memorable and wonderful wedding banquet at Pin Si, thank you Pin Si.

From: Mei Lin and Chun Kit

Management of Pin Si Restaurant
Attn: Miss Peggy,

Good morning,

I wish to thank Peggy and her team (comprising of Cecilia and Chia Mee Kim) who served us very well on the 8.8.15 Birthday Lunch Celebration @ 12 noon.

Special thanks to Peggy who has helped me in planning the menu. All my guests praised and enjoyed all the delicious food very much.
Also, greatly appreciated the complimentary Longevity Bun, softs drinks and tea package.

Would certainly patronise your restaurant again for future family functions and celebration.
Would also recommend to my friends and colleagues.

Janet Chia

Dear Pinsi,

Thank you for a most wonderful evening. My sister in law and her spouse, Jiang Tian Xiang and Zyre Loh, took your establishment for their wedding dinner as we always have had good reviews whenever we engaged you for our National Day Dinner or Chinese New Year Dinner.

We had high expectations, we trusted you and you delivered, thank you. Your operations staff AM and his team, all did admirably especially if you factor in the fact that they were handling 4 events at the same time.

What made the event special was Peggy, she made special efforts right from the very beginning, taking down our concerns and giving us assurance that she will take care of us. Peggy isn’t someone to make wild promises that she can’t deliver. Peggy works quietly and methodically, doesn’t need reminder and always deliver.

Peggy is an asset to your team, do treasure and value her or somebody will poach her from you :)


Held our wedding banquet dinner on 13th June 2015 at Pin Si Restaurant.
The food was so delicious and everyone loved it. We like to give our praises to
three three types of dishes and they were Braised Superior Shark’s Fin Soup with Crab Meat & Bamboo Pith, Golden Suckling Pig and Fragrance Rice with Dried Scallop in Lotus Leaves. We have received many compliments from our invited guests. All the compliments feedback to us has touched our heart and made our big day even happier.

Special thanks to Peggy Koh, our coordinator who has been so friendly and helpful towards all our requests. I particularly liked the idea of having design on the plain side of menu. Reception table was nicely decorated. Nice and heart-warming atmosphere.

Overall this restaurant not just serve good food, their service was very prompt and attentive. We never regretted holding our wedding banquet here. Once again, Thank You Pin Si Restaurant, you have hold great memories in our heart.

Well Done Pin Si Restaurant!

Richard & Jia Hwei
13th June 2015

Hi, I am writing with regards to the service I have received at your company’s restaurant in Yishun Safra.

I made a last minute reservation for lunch on the 1st January. To my pleasant surprise, it was not only entertained, but when my guests arrived early, they were also allowed to enter the premise first instead of having to hang around at the door.

While your food is of good quality and a good bargain, it is with regards to the umbrella that I left behind that I am writing in. On that day itself, I was in a hurry and accidentally left a self retracting umbrella behind. It would have cost ~$50 to replace it at Metro. To my extreme pleasure, I was able to find it at your restaurant when I returned on the 5th to try my luck to ask about it. Furthermore, though I was a non-paying customer, your very excellent staff also offered me tissues to wipe my sweat. When I rejected it for fear that I’d be charged for it, your staff pushed those tissues into my hands and replied that they were glad to have been of assistance.

Such service standards are almost non existent in our very competitive city state anymore. Tissues are normally chargeable at a restaurant and I am not only surprised that such service still exists but also very happy to have received it. I would do my utmost to promote your restaurant among my friends and social circle and definitely would be returning.

Thank you.

BY Tan Cheng Hui
1st January 2015

PIN SI restaurant is definitely a good choice for holding a wedding banquet, I would strongly recommend to people. Most of my guest compliment on the food as it was delicious, I personally loved the roasted duck. The shark fin soup was awesome compared to other hotels or resturants, we could see pieces of shark fin floating on top of your soup. My banquet menu prawn, was a herbal prawn which I loved the taste of herbal soup. Lastly the dessert was pumpkin sauce with yam paste which is more healthy then normal yam paste using coconut , this a must have dish for both our family as my husband and me was a pure Teochew’s. I personally would like to thanked Peggy for her service towards me. She was very patience and helpful, she would try to helped me with all request I asked. Especially the desserts bar I requested, it turn out to be so beautiful. So much better then I expected. My wedding was memorable with the helped of all staff at PIN SI restaurant.

Event Date on 7 September 2014.

Dear Sir / Madam

We wish to express our heartfelt thanks to Ms Peggy & restaurant staff on the said event over their great service provided during that evening. We were very satisfied with their friendly attitude and professionalism in their service.
Many of our guests especially my mum & seniors have particularly complimented that the dishes were delicious and suited to their taste. Thumbs up for the great dinner & services and the celebration was concluded successfully with a W O W!!!
Last but not least, you should be proud to have such calibre and positive driven staff working in your business.

Yours sincerely
Leng Leng & Family
Event Date on 2 August 2014.

We had hold our parents’ anniversary 5 years ago with Pin Si, we are very pleasant with Pin Si’s food and friendly service. This year we have our nephew’s baby shower here again with Pin Si. Never disappointed. Review of our guests are very good. Also, Peggy is very helpful and has been very initiative. Including all friendly staffs like Puvin, Xiao Cui, and Fanny are all very nice, helpful and initiative. We are very happy, pleasant and appreciative to have chose Pin Si again.

Meredith Lim
Event Date on 13 April 2014.

Hi Peggy,

Don’t mentioned it :)

It’s our first time preparing for such an event and I must say you and all the other service staff involved on that day make it a breeze for us!

Firstly, thanks for your patience and prompt follow up for us although you are not our main coordinator initially. You are a very responsible person who took pride in your job and thus, is willing to go all way out to extend as much help as possible to customers and we truely appreciate this kind act from you.

Secondly, the service crew was fantastic. They constantly checked on the cleanliness n tidiness of the tables and buffet lines and this male indian service staff even offered to scoope me a bowl of the dessert! And I’m sure this initiative is not a norm practice which I’ll see outside.

And lastly, I would like to extend my gratitude to all staff who helped us with the setting up of the venue. Thanks for being so willing to accede to all my last min requests to rearrange the tables for my guests and to even change the main table for my cake & dessert display.

Hence, I would like to thank everyone for making this event a successful one.

Tracia Huang
Event Date on 9 July 2014.


To: In-charge of Pin Si Restaurant at Safra Yishun Country Club

I am writing this email of commendation on behalf of the bride and groom’s family on 15th July 2014 evening.

Basically, we are all very pleased with the service provided on that day, which includes the decoration of the banquet, quality of the food served and the service provided by the waiters. Especially with special mention to the services provided to the bride and groom’s family by the waitress in charge of Table no. 2.

Thank you to your team for all the support that they have given for that wedding banquet.

Nonetheless i have one suggestion to your restaurant. May I suggest that you change to a more updated version of laptop because the old laptop in your restaurant really caused quite some inconvenience to us on that evening.

Thank you, once again, and I will definitely recommend your restaurant if my friends or family members are getting married.


Have a nice day,
Event Date on 15 July 2014.

Hello CK,

I would like to thank you for the set up of the venue and the preparation of the foods. Really appreciated it much. Lastly, I also love the service provided by your staff that had given throughout the whole event. Thanks!


Danny Wong. 
Event Date on 9 July 2014.

Hi Cecilia

Thanks for the wonderful decoration of the ballroom.
We love it very much and very happy with it.
Foods n service is wonderful too, friendly n helpful staffs around.
All the guests is happy with the delicous foods served. :)
Even until now they are still thinking of the foods..
Will be getting order from you again soon.

Very big Thanks to all of u from Pinsi.

Yap Jia Jia
Event Date on 9 July 2014.

To: The Management & Staff of Pin Si Restaurant

Thank you so much for helping us in every way on Hansen & Venus wedding dinner. The occasion is fantastic with your great team work. This wedding dinner was made even more special by Edmund, Peggy and CK Wong.

Thank you so much for all your help! We will always remember your great service with caring and friendly staff.

The dinner was delicious and our guests are still saying about your every yummy dishes served during this special occasion. We greatly appreciate all of the help that you provided.

We will have no doubts recommending Pin Si Restaurant to all our friends and relatives for the good dishes and service.

Warmest Regards,
Mr & Mrs Ng Yong Hong & Family
Event Date on 28 June 2014.